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Trusight releases App for iOS devices using proprietary DLM™ (Digital Luminance Management) Technology allowing you to get up to 50% more movie viewing time. Find out more about TruPwr or download the free app.





Restore your vision.

Trusight's digital luminance management™ technology delivers better image quality for lower cost and power usage and can be implemented in real time and anywhere in the video pipeline from production to distribution and display.


Showing a split screen side-by-side example. Trusight processing can provide up to 50% bandwidth reduction and power savings for battery as well as AC powered devices.






"Every 25 years or so, a technology comes along that presents itself as a true disruptive force in the industry, and this clearly looks like such a case.”

–Dr. Jon Peddie - Pioneer of Graphics Industry and President of Jon Peddie Research.


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Our eyes see what’s true by adjusting acuity to the available light at all times maximizing detail to match illumination. The human eye does not do tone mapping or any other complicated computational analysis. In today’s content delivery systems there are too many unimportant data bits or even the wrong bits being emphasized in order to show the best picture. Trusight allows the viewer experience to be more closely matched to the creator’s intent by locally optimizing their display to match the characteristics of the content creation environment while reducing power usage and significantly extending battery life on mobile devices. Trusight's digital luminance management™ puts the light back into the picture.

Use less.

Trusight allows image content to be illuminated more closely to the way it was originally seen. Digital content gets degraded; from the moment of capture to the point (plane) of display. Often the important data of what was there is present but it is not being delivered efficiently or “as intended”. Trusight's digital luminance management™ processing allows content distributors to potentially save cost on delivering content to consumers that is pre-optimized for their specific viewing needs. With more light energy represented in the picture we need less energy to be provided by the power hungry backlight or LED arrays found in most consumer displays. Lowering backlight or LED luminance means saving power that equals longer battery life and more playtime!

Press Releases

Silicon Valley Preeminent Finance Exec and Visual Graphic Industry Pioneer Join Trusight Advisory Board

Brad Buss, the Chief Financial Officer of SolarCity and Jon Peddie, President and Founder of JPR have joined Trusight’s advisory board...

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Industry Leaders Join Trusight Advisory Board

Two experienced industry leaders have recently joined the advisory board of Trusight, Inc., a leading provider of innovative digital content technology. Vincent Laforet, DGA director and DP, and Chris Carey, executive director of product development for Verizon Digital Media Services, have joined the company’s advisory board.

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Scott Slater, CEO

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Slater has been an architect of the introduction and market development of several new media technologies. He began his exposure to digital media as a statistical analyst at Arbitron for TV and Radio. At US. Pioneer Mr. Slater orchestrated the introduction of laser optic players.

At Western Union, as Director of Sales & Marketing Mr. Slater drove the introduction of wireless devices and service. For 10 years, Scott worked with a who’s who in wireless as President of Cellular Plus, a market development firm. A seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Slater has served as a consultant to the F.C.C., is a fellow at the Radio Club of America and currently serves as a mentor for Stanford's Technology Venture Program.

Brian Hofstetter, VP Marketing

Brian has spent over 20 years in the motion picture, recording, and digital media industries. He was a co-founder and the CEO of SEN-CE. He created and directed the Connected Entertainment strategic initiative for Zoran Corporation, a world leader in the development of semiconductors and reference designs across a broad range of consumer media products. Brian has been responsible for creating and defining a variety of new video and audio products for global consumer electronic markets. Brian began his uniquely merged entertainment and technology careers by moving up the studio ladder with a variety of production roles on feature films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Nine Months, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Joy Luck Club, and others. Brian is published and included as inventor on several patents granted and applied for, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley

Shehrzad Qureshi, Sr. Development Engineer

Shehrzad studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Davis and received his Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Santa Clara. He has previous stints at Applied Signal Technology (now Raytheon), Accuracy Oncology (employee 29, IPO in 2007), Labcyte (employee #9), and Restoration Robotics (employee #3). He has consulted for numerous companies in the Valley,  both large (Sony, AMD, Texas Instruments) and small (various startups) for the past 15 years. The focus has always been on pushing the envelope on advanced signal-processing algorithms. He is an inventor on 14 issued US patents, and the author of Embedded Image Processing on TMS320C6000 DSP (Springer, 2005). 

Danny Seltz, Sr. Engineer

Danny Seltz has been involved in digital imaging and video for longer than he cares to admit. At Zoran (afterwards CSR) he had a hand in nearly every product line, most recently the digital camera SoC and stretching back through the DVD, JPEG building block, MPEG decoder, digital audio, vector signal processor and digital filter products. He also paricipated in other development projects that never actually became products, such as media players. Prior to Zoran he was at Tadiran and the Israel Air Force.

Danny has a BSc from the University of Cape Town and a MSEE from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Kevin Grundy, CTO

Mr. Grundy is a 25 year industry veteran with a track record of success delivering high quality, high volume communications products. Also an innovator, Grundy has over twenty patents granted or filed. As a co-founder of Telocity, a nationwide provider of broadband services, his teams pioneered many innovative services and technologies which distinguished themselves from the competition. Telocity was purchased by DirecTV in 2001.

Prior to co-founding DirecTV broadband, Mr. Grundy held various engineering and managerial posts at several successful startups, most notably NeXT Computer, founded by Steve Jobs, where he led the design efforts for three generations of innovative desktop computers. Mr. Grundy has BSEE and MSEE degrees from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Randall Eike, VP Engineering

Randall is a seasoned veteran of software development. He specializes in the architecture, design, and management of consumer oriented software applications and web sites. Randall served as technology expert for Executive Management as well as both an Architect and Program Manager during engagements at Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), The Learning Company, Caption Colorado,, Pocket Express, and others.

Randall has a BS in General Engineering from the University of Illinois (Urbana Champaign) and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University

David Witkowski, VP of Business Development

David Witkowski is a leader in the wireless industry specializing in strategic planning, business development, and market entry. Over a career spanning 30 years he has held positions of leadership and responsibility in the wireless and telecommunications industry at companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 multi-nationals to early stage startups.

David serves as President of the non-profit Wireless Communications Alliance, as an advisor to the Carnegie Institute of Technology Dean’s Council at Carnegie Mellon University, and as a member of the Wireless Communications Initiative committee for Joint Venture Silicon Valley. David is a Senior Member in the Radio Club of America, and a Senior Member in the IEEE. He obtained his BSEE from University of California with a study emphasis on modulation theory and RF/wireless design.

Kelli Richards, VP Strategic Partnership

Kelli is a former Apple exec (ran the music & entertainment vertical during her twelve years there),  and has since been working with disruptive, innovative start-ups and F100 companies as a consultant, mentor, trusted advisor and change agent in the convergence of technology and entertainment for over 15 years.   She's known as a pioneer and veteran in the world of digital music, media & entertainment. In addition, Kelli is also a trusted advisor, 'celebrity wrangler',  a talent producer,  a thought leader, and a best-selling author.


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